Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Solstice 2011- Yoga in Times Square

This Tuesday June 21st marked the 2011 Summer Solstice. This is the day the sun shines the longest, and NYC brings Mind-Body-Harmony to the centre of the Big Apple, Times Square. For anyone to find peace in the busiest place in NY is amazing, and yoga at its finest. With people watching all around, concrete below, tall illuminated buildings around, the beautiful sunny sky above and a sea of Yogis ready to practice, I laid out my "free" mat. Many students of mine both in the city and in the Bronx at Excel Yoga, had decided to participate in the amazing event. While I had been registered for the evening one, I knew that it would make more sense for me to do the afternoon session since I had to teach Yoga 3-8pm. After my 10 am Yoga Session, I headed to Times Square, where I saw one of my lovely students, Doris. We both were happy to be there, got our free mats, and laid out our mats on a slanted part of the concrete. Soon, Nicole and Mary arrived too, but they were late to get the "free" yoga mats, so wound up practicing on two small hand towels. The class was Bikram, with Partick, a very funny and engaging teacher in Tiger Strip Spandex Shorts. Ironically, a few years back when I did the Summer Solstice, I took class with him too. It was truly a magical experience, and I was happy to have shared the event with Doris, Nicole and Mary. None of us actually practice Bikram, but the entire event showed us all that power of collective consciousness, and the power of Yoga. No matter the style, the teacher, the location, this ancient practice of yoga instills positive energy in those who are receptive to it.

Pics: Ambria, Nicole, Doris and Mary (Eagle Posing), Ambria, Nicole, and Doris Eagle Posing again, and Doris and Ambria Camel Posing

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