Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Reiki Master

Today was a magical day, as myself and my amazing friend/yoga student/Karate Sensei Joseph, became Reiki Masters!!! For years we both had searched for the chance to do Reiki Master Training, as both of us went to Level two attunements. Reiki is an ancient form of energetic healing, that helps balance, heal, and bring clarity for people. Our Teacher is the wonderful, Mary Henry, who had taken Yoga with me for quite a while. Early on Mary used to share with me her journey with Reiki, and sometimes we used to do Chakra based yoga classes in the morning Yoga classes, to enhance her Reiki Experience. Now a year later, I am doing my Reiki Master Training, and Crystal Healing with her. I am truly grateful for the experience. The entire day, both myself and Joseph were buzzing with Joy, Happiness, and Gratitude. Attuning yourself to the vibrational energy of the Universe, and of God, reminds you how amazing Life really is. I truly felt like I was floating. Thank you so much Mary, your Reiki Attunements, and your wisdom of Crystals, the intuition and knowledge you shared will be forever cherished. I know I am blessed to have had this amazing day, thank you so much! Lately, I had been under some unexpected stressful situations, and rather then give stress the upper hand, I chose to look forward and direct my life in a positive & productive path, and this experience was exactly what I needed. Reiki has a way of bringing "Truth" to the surface, and while I left this magical day walking on a cloud, I was met with an unexpected storm, and I am grateful to have found resolve, and an amazing Rainbow full of self-respect, honesty and composure as my Pot of Gold.

Mary will be giving a special Crystal Healing Series Workshop at the Excel Yoga Studio in the BX, on Thursday nights, so if you are interested in taking your journey to a new and exciting level, visit the Excel Page for more details.

Thank you again for being an amazing Teacher! And thank you Joseph for sharing this incredible experience with me too!

Pictures: Ambria, Mary and Joseph......Ambria and Joseph (We are glowing), ....Ambria and Mary

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