Monday, June 20, 2011

Yoga Jewelery

As Yoga is a Mind-Body-Spirit experience, it is safe to say that everyone on this planet has a unique Mind-Body-Spirit. While we are all made of love, love can be expressed in so many ways. As Yoga is liberation of the soul, for an artistic spirit, liberation can be found in art and all forms of creative expression. One of the most amazing things is to watch peoples individual creative expression in their fashion as Yogis. You may see people wearing fancy mala beads, or simple ones, perhaps popular brand name yoga attire, or clothes that look comfy and simple, or clothes that have yoga phrases all over, or funny phrases and logos. I know I enjoy wearing bright colors, pants with hand painted designs, crystal jewelery and hand made work. I am so blessed and grateful because often times my students have bought me amazing gifts like yoga clothes, jewlery, shawls, candles, beautiful books, and much more, but sometimes students take the time to make gifts.

Recently one of my youngest students, the beautiful Milta brought me gorgeous earrings that she MADE herself!!! Milta is extremely talented, she has a regular Yoga practice that is incredibly strong, she is a green belt in Karate, she does Mambo, she does track, she is an artist, gets excellent grades in school, and is truly a delight to be around, plus she is high energy which I LOVE, and now to add to the list she is a jewelry designer/maker! When I observe the way she conducts herself, I smile and I consider her a Mini Me. As a teacher, she is the type of student you would want in her class as she inspires, listens, encourages, gives her best, and has fun.

When I list all the things that this amazing girl does, I have to say that she does it with determination to give her personal best. For people who have never met this young lady you can see how amazing she is by her work is in her jewelry design. The earrings she made for me look like they should be in a fancy store on display, they are beautiful. When I first saw them, I instantly said to myself, "WOW, my new favorite pair of earrings!!!" I wore them all day, and sadly lost one of them, so I was kind of sad when I took the picture. I plan on using the other one as a gorgeous pendant. Thank you Milta for the beautiful gift, and for being such a RAY OF LIGHT, your talent amazes me all the time!


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