Friday, June 3, 2011

Yoga with Denise

I have been meaning to post this post for a long time now, to highlight an excellent Yoga Instructor. Denise has been taking Yoga at Bamboomoves, BX for a long time, and last year became a certified Yoga Instructor. Since last summer, she has gone on to become an incredible Yoga Instructor. She teaches the Gentle Yoga class, and Level 1. I also had Denise cover a class for me in Manhattan last Christmas when I was away. Denise has an amazing soothing voice, a gentle sweet heart, and a compassion that makes her a wonderful Yoga Instructor. During Teacher training I had mentioned to her that she would be a wonderful Gentle Yoga Instructor, initially, she was not so happy with my intuitive observation. What many people do not understand is that, to be a Gentle Yoga Instructor is harder than to be an advanced Yoga Instructor. It takes patience, understanding of the asana, and a compassionate heart, Denise has all of these rare qualities. This year when I had broken my toe, I had the pleasure to take Denise's Gentle Class. Her cues were so beautiful, her adjustments were precise and her attention to my need to modify was lovely. It is really beautiful to take a class from a student who you once taught, it is magical. The amazing thing about Denise is that she is very versatile. She can teach Gentle, Level 1, Kids Yoga, and even Belly Dance. Soon she will be adding preNatal to her list of talents. Thank you Denise for being an amazing Yogi colleague, a fellow fire walker, and an amazing friend.
Photo: Denise at her Teacher Training Graduation 2010


  1. Awe...I'm blushing...THANK YOU for being my teacher, inspiration and most importantly a dear friend. xox

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