Friday, May 27, 2011

Joy with Kids Yoga

When you love Yoga as much as I do, you cannot help but feel a tremendous amount of gratitude for every experience both teaching and taking classes. Yoga is an amazing practice with incredible power to change lives by harmonizing the Mind-Body & Spirit. While I am so grateful to teach adults both private and group, kids Yoga, and Pre/Post Natal classes, teaching Children with special needs brings joy to my heart like nothing else.

I always say that these children are truly God's Angels. The past few weeks for me have been incredibly challenging, and it is the special angels that I work with that brought joy to my heart.

This year has brought so many blessings, and learning lessons, and amidst a challenging week, I had the opportunity to teach my regular amazing Kids Yoga classes for Kids with Special Needs at the Rebecca School in Manhattan through Yogi Beans. I am so thankful to have been part of Yogi Beans from the start with the amazing Lauren. Lauren had a vision to bring Yoga to kids, and she has done and incredible job. In my opinion Yogi Beans provides the Best Kids Yoga Program because Lauren is a Yogi herself, and a big kid at heart, and took the time to craft a program that inspires confidence, creativity, concentration, sense of calm, and increased strength & flexibility in kids, all while having fun!!! Lauren also welcomes Instructors to bring their own creativity to classes also, which I love.

The amazing Kids I am fortunate to work with at the Rebecca School amazed me this week! I am still getting to know these amazing kids, and like with any child, every day is a different experience. First off giving me the most loving hugs, with smiles that could light up the darkest room, and saying "hello Ambria" with excitement that was filled with heavens loving energy made my entire week. To top it off, these incredible kids sang along with my songs, did yoga poses and inspired me with their energy and enthusiasm!!! WOW! What a breakthrough, and what an amazing way to share energy! So thankful for Yogi Beans, and so thankful for all the amazing opportunities to teach Yoga.

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