Thursday, May 19, 2011

Partner Warriors In Yoga

Most times when I teach group Yoga classes, I enjoy letting the energy of the room guide me. The energy of the room inspires the opening meditation, the sequence of the class, the configuration of the mats, and the over all class. Too often people come into class with the weight of the world on their shoulders, this always translates to "I'm alone". This is when I like to adjust the mats and have them partner up a little bit. When we do Warrior Poses solo, we breathe and dig deep, but when we do it together, the stretch becomes fun and often times deeper. Especially when we extend our arms to the person in front for Warrior Two and give a little tug, it is awesome! Life is all about relationships, we coexist on this planet. While there is collective consciousness with synchronized movement and breath in yoga classes, how beautiful when we use our bodies together with touch to adjust deeper and support each other in the journey. Even if it is just a smile at the person across from you when face to face in Yoga, we take for granted how much you may have made their entire day!!! These precious moments remind people that "we're in this together", so when we hold a pose for a long time and I repeat the sequence while saying "second time is the best", it really is the best! For Instructors, it is important to be able to remain grounded so to still guide the energy of the room, especially when it is with partner work, so that the harmony maintains consistent. Thank you to the Teacher Trainees and the members of Bamboomoves who continue to enjoy the spontaneous, sweaty yoga classes that I like to teach. Love you all!

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