Monday, May 16, 2011

The Amazing Oneness Awakening Course

I am so grateful for an amazing weekend where I had the chance to participate in the Oneness Awakening Course. Oneness is a movement started in India, it is a non denominational movement intended to restore humanity to higher levels of consciousness. It is amazing. In my life I have been blessed with the most magnificent parents who instilled me faith, love, humility and so much more, which is the reason why I have been able to accept and be grateful for any circumstances in my life both good and bad.

However, this weekend I learned there is so much more to life, and their are things in my life that I just tolerated rather than accepted. Like everyone, I have been through my share of pain, but unlike some, I was forced to keep my pain to myself, Give it to God, and deal with it. I was isolated and dealt with my pain on my own, and never realized how much I resented this as my reality, and made this into a pattern. Dealing with things, is tolerance, and in no way acceptance. Despite the fact that I am joyful, cheerful and grateful, as years progressed the layers of the onion grew around my pain. I found myself irritated with people who wore their pain on their sleeve, creating drama and drawing attention to themselves. I found myself having these dramatic people brought to my life personally and professionally. I learned now that I needed to sit with my irritation, rather than pointing the finger, I needed to look at the three fingers that pointed back at me. I needed to see what was it in me that was irritated, not why but what. I discovered the girl who was unable to voice her pain, who felt isolated, who felt scared, and who felt hurt was resentful of the people who were able to bring their woes to the forefront. AMAZING! As I type this I have tears in my eyes of gratitude for full self realization, and while I could keep it to myself, I know that it is possible someone may read it, relate and find healing.

The entire weekend was epiphany after epiphany. With tremendous work on healing, with oneness blessings (which is transference of energy similar to reiki or laying of hands), and initiation into becoming a oneness facilitator.

Some of the phrases that stuck with me this weekend include:
  • Suffering is not in the fact, rather it is in the perception of the fact.
  • The root cause of suffering is when we feel separate, when we feel isolated.
  • All learning is unlearning
  • Our relationships create our reality (relationships with our self, our parents, our friends, with our past, with money, with God and with Nature)
  • If something in your world "triggers you" irritates you, it is not in that other person, but rather it is something deep within you, we must sit with our irritation and discover what it is.
  • Do we really accept our past, or do we push it aside and lose ourselves in the process with behavior that only masks what is really going on.
  • When it comes to relationships, are we always trying to change the other person, holding in our frustrations or are we accepting the other persons moment to be themselves, and accepting them fully?
  • When we accept the people we are in relationships with, LOVE REMAINS CONSTANT, instead of feeling like strangers or roommates later on down the road.
  • Tolerance is not love, it is not acceptance.
  • Do we really listen to the people in our lives, do we breathe deep & call God to help us, or do we dance in an argument and lash out?
Since I decided I will be teaching Yoga professionally, I made the conscious decision I wanted to be a vessel for God to help people heal their mind, body and Spirit. I have read many self help books which are fantastic, and participated in Tony Robbins which was outstanding, and maintained my personal faith from childhood that has been the essence of my joy. But this weekend transformed my entire life, my heart, my vision, my reality and my awareness. I am so grateful to have participated in this weekend, and grateful to have done it with my teacher trainees, my future teacher trainees, and friends.

Along with the magnificent energy of the weekend, I had the chance to teach a Yoga class to the group, did some vogue moves across the room floor when we had a chance to dance (Stephanie you owe me ten bucks still for that) and sing some chants & play guitar during the blessing time. The Teacher Trainees joined in when I was singing the chant they had been given during their teacher training, which was amazing.

If you know you have a painful relationship with your parents, if you find that you get irritated with others quickly or often, if you have little love for yourself, and even if you think you are perfect, especially if you think you are perfect, you will benefit from the Oneness Blessing and Oneness Awakening Course. It truly is life transforming. For people who practice Yoga, this is the way to calm the "monkey mind" to fully experience "Chittra Vritti Nirodaha", to lose the ego, to lose the judgements and become aware of ourselves, to become conscious, to just be.

There are Oneness Blessing givers all over the world, and now there is an entire brigade in the Bronx. If you are interested in going to India to deepen your awareness at the Oneness University visit

Thank you Catherine for sharing this amazing experience with myself and the current Zoga Yoga Teacher Trainees, the next Trainees, and Members of Bamboomoves Bronx. Thank you Michael Baez for bringing the course to the Yoga Studio. Thank you Trainees for being receptive. Thank you Bhagavan and Amma for beginning this beautiful movement and school in India. I am so grateful for the experience, and look forward to visiting the school myself to become a facilitator.

Photo: Bhagavan and Amma, founders of the Oneness University in Chennai India


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