Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Yoga for Allergies

Yoga for Allergies....What? It is upon us, the season of beautiful blossoms, sunshine, cool days and pollen. NYC has been hit with record high pollen counts, and as I write this post, I myself am working on clearing a stuffed nose and red itchy eyes. Some believe it is the shortage of bees due to cell phone radiation, some believe it is due to our long wet winter, but allergy sufferers just want relief rather than explanations. For myself, I normally do not get allergies. I did 6 years ago, and was advised to take OregnoMax and lots of Vitamin C and it actually worked. This time around, I tried that, and it did not have the instant effect that I had the last time. Since I tend to avoid most western medicine that has fine print that I can investigate, I usually go for natural remedies. I also tried Nettle which was another natural recommended remedy, and some homeopathic allergy drops and sublingual tabs. Every person is different, so each remedy may have a different effect on each individual. It is also possible that the pollen count is so intense that we may just have to be patient for the pollen to leave us. Currently, NYC is affected by Oak and Mullberry Tree Pollen.

From a Yoga perspective I have found relief with the Neti Pot, some Ayurveda Eye drops, Meditation, Shoulder Stand, Bridge Pose and Kapalabhati Breathing. I also discovered a homeopathic tab called Allergy Relief by A. Vogel (found it in Whole Foods), and so far it has been a winner. All the best with your allergies! While my tips and personal remedies have worked for me, be sure to speak to a medical professional if your Allergies are intense, keep a healthy alkalized diet, and Breathe Easy Folks!

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