Thursday, May 26, 2011

Acu Ball Workshop for Yoga

A few weeks ago I took a wonderful Acuball workshop alongside fellow Yoga Instructor Denise, and soon to be certified Zoga Yoga Instructor, Nicole. The acuball is an incredible invention by fellow Canadian, Dr. Michael Cohen. There are two balls in the system so far, a small and a large. The balls are covered with bumps to provide a beautiful massage and fascia relief. The large ball has water inside and can be heated up for extra goodness, it also has a line in the center that allows for alignment to the spine. It is used to provide therapeutic relief for the receiver. For someone who teaches Yoga it is a brilliant restorative tool. For a Shiatsu Practitioner or Masseuse it is a lovely addition to the tool box. For someone who is an athlete or a person who has muscular tension, this is the WOW tool you would be grateful to come home to. For a musician or an avid computer user who is leaning towards carpal tunnel, the little ball is a god send. For people with pantar fasciitis, relief is as simple as rolling the ball under the foot. Ironically when we roll the ball under our foot, we can identify various other areas in the body that may be experiencing pain or in need of attention. Even just laying on the ball provides so much stimulation and relief to muscles that sometimes go unnoticed. The best part about it is that your body decides how you want to use the tool. With only 60 seconds maximum heat up time in the microwave or boiling the ball as a rule, you have the freedom to roll through tight muscles as your body needs. Amazing! Thank you Dr. Cohen and your amazing wife for introducing this amazing tool to myself and the other Yoga Instructors who gathered at the Bikram Studio to learn more about your invention.

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