Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Oneness Bliss

The ultimate experience of bliss is fully discovered at the Oneness Awakening Course. While I can share with words how amazing the weekend was, the phrase a picture speaks a thousand words comes to full truth in the pictures we took. The entire group is glowing and it is actually captured in these amazing photos. Thank you again Michael Baez for introducing us to Oneness, thank you Catherine for facilitating the wonderful experience, thank you Adam, Kenneth, Aditi and Vishal for volunteering your time to make the weekend even more incredible, thank you teacher trainees, members of bamboomoves and my dear friend Joseph for bringing such incredible energy to the room and being vulnerable and receptive to the process, and of course Bhagavan and Amma for beginning such amazing program that transforms lives and allows people to come to full self-realization.

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