Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Dharma

Last Thursday I had the chance to take Master Class with Dharma Mittra again. One of my lovely Teacher Trainees was taking class as part of her requirements and I was happy to join her. As always class is magical. I enter into the Temple, and the class is packed. The mats are configured different, rather than Dharma being positioned by the windows, he is near the wall by the entrance, and the carpet area is full. I walk to the back wall, catch a couple waves from fellow students, and situate myself. While my body was sore, and my allergies were activated, I was so grateful to be there. I surrendered my practice at the feet of God as an offering as I always do, and prepared for class. Ironically, my student, Stepanie was right in front of me. This is the second time that happened. We progressed into a class that was not nearly as physically challenging as most classes I had taken. My head was hurting as well as my shoulders due to a recent incident, so when it came to inversion, which if you know Dharma is pretty much the 4th pose in, I stayed in Childs Pose. Dharma came all the way to the back and knew something happened. He said "were you in an accident?" "did you hurt your neck", I tearfully said yes, and he laughed and said just do Shoulder Stand. He watched me go up and put my legs into lotus, and he saw that it was challenging, so kept close watch on me with loving eyes, and care. This was an amazing moment of surrender for me. I did not care that the entire room of yogis were facing me, or that I could not do a pose, I was in the moment and it was so magnificent. Again he came and suggested to kick myself up on the wall for handstand if I did not want to do forearm stand. He is so amazing when he demonstrates poses. I could feel that when he returned to the front he still maintained loving eyes on me, watching to make sure I was safe in my practice. Like with every class, he maintained his witty charm. At the end of class when we sat for psychic development, some beautiful cupcakes with candles were brought out, and the entire room of Yogis chanted Sita Ram, Happy Birthday and Dharma Blew out the candles. Afterwards he announced that he is 60 plus 12. It was such a beautiful class, and I am so thankful to have shared in the experience. Happy Birthday Sri Dharma Mittra.

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