Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Yoga Teacher that Instructs Kickbox

What do you get when you take a Yoga Teacher and have her Instruct Kickbox Class? I still don't know the answer to that one, except to say that my calves are sore. This week Ambreezy Breeze has had the pleasure to be exposed to the world of Kickbox. With only taking one Kickbox Class ever, by the most amazing Kicbox teacher Leon, I was asked to cover his 5 classes in his absence, 3 in the Excel Yoga and 2 in the city. This Saturday marked my Kickbox debut, and sadly I had been suffering with intense stomach illness due to food poisoning, I literally was in the restroom 4 times just before the class, it truly is a miracle I had the energy to teach that class along with the 4 other Yoga classes I taught that day. I introduced myself to the students, many who know me as their Yoga Instructor, and some don't. I made sure to remind them, I am not much of a kicker or a boxer, but we will sweat and have an amazing class. We did have an amazing class, at least that has been the unanimous response from the group in between exercises. Kickbox helps students have a wonderful cardiovascular workout, and develop explosive power in the muscles. I have been teaching the class as more of a Semi Kickbox, Boot Camp-ish, Zoga-laties style class. With a lot of emphasis on the core, we also do jumping jacks, kicks, blitz foot ball drills, punches, more core, more core, and some more core. While I am grateful for the learning experience, I will be thankful to have Leon Back. After Thursday my muscles are going to really need and be grateful for a Yoga class.


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