Thursday, July 25, 2013

Anatomy with Sara in Ireland.

While I love teaching, I am a student to the practice of yoga and love to take classes with other teachers.  I had the special honor to take class with a beautiful young lady named Sara Cory.  Sara teaches Vinyasa style yoga, and learned with a wonderful teacher from Cork Ireland, who I forgot the name, and Sadie Nardini, and Cameron (founder of Budokon).  I always encourage Teacher Trainees and my own students to try different teachers, it allows us to remain humble and receptive to the power of Yoga, without attachment to teacher.  Sara agreed to share her passion for anatomy, and we had a brilliant afternoon.  We were happy to pose with pictures of the periformis and facia after learning so much.  Thank you Sara, so happy and grateful to have connected with you.
Sara and Myself holding a photo of facia.
My first class with Sara was in this beautiful place in Killaloe overlooking the water, the place was normally used for weddings and banquets.  The class was workshop style, alignment based with emphasis on safety of the spine.  I loved every second, and I knew it would be a valuable treat to have Sara share her love for anatomy with the teacher trainees. 
Sara and the lovely trainees so excited about anatomy!

Exploring Rotation.
While I have taught anatomy, and the section is clear in the Manual, Sara is a self proclaimed anatomy geek, with a passion for the periformis that I don't share, so I was so grateful to have her share her wisdom and knowledge with the group.  Thank you Sara for coming to Sun and Moon Yoga Center and sharing your time and incredible awareness of the spine, periformis, psoas, and all other brilliant things related to anatomy and Yoga.

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