Monday, July 8, 2013

Yoga Nidra Studio Grand Opening Recap

Stephanie and I (we did not plan to dress the same)
Yoga Nidra Studio Grand Opening happened on June 1st weekend in Brooklyn.  After our meditation challenge I did not really get a chance to update the blog.  Just wanted to wish my lovely student/friend Stephanie all the very best on continued success to share this magical space she has opened and provide brilliant yoga classes for people in New York.  The studio is located in Dyker Heights Brooklyn, New York.  The studio itself has beautiful energy as soon as you walk in with Stephanie always sharing her charm and beautiful smile.  The practice space has an energy that welcomes the practitioner, almost surrounding with a hug of love and peace.  The extra beautiful highlight is the backyard garden/porch where Stephanie brings out door classes when the weather allows.  It is a blessing to be able to practice with the beautiful sky above.

We had the beautiful experience of Live Music from a very talented guitar player for the grand opening, as Stephanie led us through a beautiful sweaty vinyasa class.  She made sure to call me out in the class to other former students of mine, as she quoted me, and in my view celebrated in the opportunity to make me sweat.  It was the weekend of the heat wave in New York, so we were all feeling the purification of the yoga practice on a different level.  Stephanie led us through a beautiful class that left us feeling wonderful.

After class we were informed of the local politician who came to do a formal ribbon cutting, that her Mom, Dad and Boyfriend Mike participated in, and we all feasted on some delicious vegetarian food while chatting with gratitude for another amazing space to have yoga.  It was so nice to see some familiar faces.  After Joseph & I decided to go back into the studio and lay down for a while, give ourselves our own Yoga Nidra class as our bodies were ready for rest.

The next day I came back for some more Yoga Nidra, and took a class that had more emphasis on yogic sleep.  So grateful to have been part of this incredible ladies journey, and looking forward to the upcoming 200Hr Riya Yoga Teacher Training & Kids Yoga Teacher Training that will be hosted at Yoga Nidra Studio in August. 

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If you live in Brooklyn or even in New York, take the time to get to a class with Stephanie at Yoga Nidra Studio, you and your body will be grateful for the experience.

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