Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Naked Truth of Yoga Teacher Training in Ireland and Crystals

The most beautiful aspect of doing a small group Yoga Teacher Training is to cater to the individual.  I am profoundly grateful that these incredible Goddesses are receptive to the practice of yoga and all that I teach them.  They are embracing the tears, the sore muscles, the self-development with grace and strength.  

I shared with the ladies my experience with Naked Yoga, and recommended that they all experience it. 
I suggested on their own in the morning while doing Sun Salutations they should release inhibitions and practice or meditate au naturel.   While they all thought it was a little shocking, I was so happy to find out they did it the very next day.  They all came away with a beautiful new love for their body.  Women need to celebrate their body, and since these ladies had explored Chakras they had a deeper understanding of why energy may remain in certain areas of the body.  When we celebrate our own unique body, we become one with our feminine energy and sexuality which should be embraced rather than repressed.  

at 2 Mile Gate with the Swans Blessings

While we spent most mornings doing our asana at 2 Mile Gate in County Clare in front of the water, having a family of swans come and bless us each day, we also had the chance to take a trip to the local “milk market” in Limerick.  At the Milk Market we met the amazing Mary Henry who has a Crystal Stand with her wonderful husband Aaron.  Mary happens to be my Reiki master teacher and Crystal Healing Teacher.  It was so great to see her and of course it was amazing to see her crystal stand.

The students were invited to pick a crystal or a few, and like always, the crystals actually picked them.  The metaphysical properties of the crystals they chose had a magical way of finding their way into their hearts.
At Mary's Crystal Stand at the Milk Market in Limerick, Ireland

With Mary & her hubby Aaron at their Crystal Stand in the Milk Market

Later that afternoon we did crystal meditation as we explored Yoga Sutra 1:39 YATHABHIMATA DYHANAD VA (Or by meditating on anything one chooses that is evalevating). 

यथाभिमतध्यानाद्वा ॥३९॥
yathā-abhimata-dhyānād-vā ||39||
- Or through contemplation (dhyana) of love. ||39||  

The meditation was very powerful, revealing and healing.  Tears were shed, awareness was found, healing happened, and transformation.  One student the owner of the beautiful Sun and Moon Yoga and Healing Centre, Mia shared with the group how her experience with the personal meditation of naked yoga and how during the crystal meditation she realized she would like to teach Naked Yoga at the studio.  WOW!  This is the second time after I suggested naked yoga to a teacher trainee, they have gone on to be inspired to share with others.  The first was Joseph, and now Mia!  Mia realized how she had quite a journey with her body, and coming to appreciate her body after many years of not doing that is a full circle healing for her, and she is excited to share.

I am so grateful to be part of all the magnificent transformation happening with these incredible Goddesses.  These ladies are growing to be incredible Yogis with every breath.

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