Thursday, July 25, 2013

Yoga Teacher Training... Jumping to Face Fears

So most times when I teach, I like to offer a special challenge.  This time in Ireland the gals were invited to jump off the local Bridge in Killaloe, Ireland into the Shannon River.  It was not very high, and luckily the river was very deep, but still the fear of the jump was a factor.  The very same day at lunch, a lady decided to warn us about how dangerous it is, and that people split their faces open and not to jump.  Somehow, I thought it was a bit extreme fear based advice, especially since every day the local boys and girls were jumping so happily, repeatedly.  While I was still looking forward to us following through with the goal, the lady certainly planted a mini seed of doubt. The beauty of seeds is that according to the Bible, all you need is faith the size of the mustard seed, therefore the seed of doubt lost to my seed of faith, and childish excitement!

After the first jump (Mielle, Mia, Ambria, and Liam).

Donna was unable to join us, so the incredible Liam stepped in and jumped with us.  It was a fun afternoon, and the first jump inspired us to jump a second time.  Unfortunately, Mia's buttocks did a butt slap on the second jump, but as we all know learn through Yoga our injuries are a reflection of something deeper, and our bodies way to help us grow on the path to enlightenment.  Congratulations to the ladies for facing their fears, Donna you were there is spirit, and Mielle, had it not been for you jumping so easily the first time, I may have stayed on the bridge a little longer.  For those who want to view the excitement of the journey, and the jump off the bridge, please visit my youtube channel ambriali or click the link below:

The Beautiful Bridge where we jumped to liberation from fear.

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