Monday, July 8, 2013

Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness in Ireland

This month has brought me on a beautiful adventure to the magical country of Ireland.  I was invited here to conduct 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training, Kids Yoga Teacher Training, and Workshops.  Special thanks to Mary Henry and Mia of Sun and Moon Yoga Studio for inviting me and organizing so much for the local people in Limerick.  Beginning my journey in Limerick where I got to look at Mia's beautiful yoga studio, then visiting the captivating coast of Galway, and up to Dublin where I gave a Yoga & Ayurveda Wellness Workshop for a brilliant group of Yogis at Yoga Dublin.  First, I must say that Ireland is a beautiful country with the most cheerful, and loving people I have come across.  Apparently I have brought the sunshine, because every day has been gorgeous which is not the norm.
First aerial view of Ireland

In Galway I got to see such incredible beach side views, the lush green landscapes, Salt Hill, Islands, live Irish music, Magpie birds, and I had the honor to stay in a beautiful 5 bedroom thatch house that was all arranged by my beautiful student/friend Beverly.  Bev does incredible Tarot Card Readings for anyone who is interested, you can find her on my facebook.  My host was the incredibly charming Martin (Bev's dear friend), who paraded me around all the local sites of Galway, and entertained me till I had to request returning to his beautiful home that he built himself, for some much needed sleep.
Looking out to the coast in Galway

The next day it was off to Dublin, Ireland.  The city is full of charm and incredible architecture.  I am ever grateful to have shared a beautiful 4 hour workshop for Ayurveda & Yoga to the Yogis there.  It was a lovely group of 19 Yogis who were not practitioners of Yoga Dublin (the lovely Venue), but practitioners of the practice.

Beautiful houses in Galway
is amazing how Yoga just spreads this vibration of love.  We explored so much about Yoga, Ayurveda Constitution, Self Healing, Rejuvenation, and much more.  It was great fun and the students were very receptive.  It was great to see a familiar face (Elaine Gemmel) a wonderful yoga teacher, and student from a Teacher Training I was a guest teacher on in Kerala, India.  I also had the chance to meet Kim's beautiful mom, Kim was also a student from Kerala.  After the workshop we enjoyed some delicious food at a local Vegetarian Restaurant, and I did some exploring of Temple Bar area.
Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Workshop @ Yoga Dublin
With Elaine & Sarah Jane @ Cornucopia

With Bev outside Temple Bar
Thank you to Bev for coming all the way from Wales and being so generous to me with hospitality.  It was wonderful to see familiar faces and new ones in this amazing city.  I hope to be back again perhaps in the fall or next year for some more workshops in Dublin. 

Looking forward to more adventures in Ireland.  The next morning before my return to Limerick I had the chance to venture out and explore Dublin, seeing the famous Book of Kells, St. Patricks Cathedral, and Christ Church. 

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