Monday, September 21, 2009

Invigorating Detachment @ The Chopra Center

For many years, like many people, I have been a fan of Deepak Chopra. I enjoy his books, and often times listen to his audio on my ipod. Recently, I ventured to the beautiful Chopra Center in Manhattan to take a yoga class. The energy in the Dream Spa is tranquil and friendly. I was there to take the noon time "invigorating" class. Prior to class I picked up a random meditation card at the desk which was about letting go of the negativity from relationships and growing. On a personal level, that couldn't have been more fitting for me, so I decided it was the Universe behind the card. I entered into the studio, only to find the instructor was Kelly, a yogini friend who I did my PreNatal teacher training with. What a small world! I was so thrilled to take her class. The theme of the class was "Detachment, and surrendering to the Bliss of Peace", WOW what a wonderful theme. I knew I was in the right place, at the right time. Kelly led us into an amazing class. We began with the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga, which is a "Chopra Center" approach to the beginning asana series. The initial flow of asana/poses coincide with beautiful chants. I am a big fan of connecting music to yogic movement, as it is part of a side project of mine, so to be part of this in an adult class was just great. The class was brilliant, Kelly was spectacular. I left feeling the Bliss of Peace. While I hope to one day meet Deepak Chopra in person, It was obvious that his positive energy resonates in the space, and in the brilliant energy from the staff. Thanks Kelly for a wonderful class. If anyone is interested in a new yoga experience, venture to the Chopra Center:

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