Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jam Sessions @ The Peoples Lounge 09/16/09

So the other night, I was invited back to perform at the People's Lounge "Jam Sessions", hosted by the lovely Shelita Vaughns. The cozy lounge was busy with a chilled out crowd ready to hear smooth, soulful music. I had an entire day of yoga sessions (starting from 5am), so lets just say I was a bit tired. Since music is one of my passions, it was a pleasure to be invited to play with such a talented group of artists. I opened the show with a small set of originals. Somehow, the boom mic was broken, so it required some flexibility on my part to adjust the mic between my legs and play keys around the stand. It was a new approach for me. After my set was the amazing Miss C. Devone, followed by Mr. Zuwadi and another performer who I unfortunately never got to see but heard was pretty amazing also. The audience was wonderful as always. The band musicians brought fire to the live music scene and the performers energized the crowd. Once again it was a lovely night of music. Thanks Shelita for organizing a wonderful event.

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