Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Since I have been busy teaching Private Yoga sessions these days, I have been eager to take some Yoga classes myself. Tonight, I had the chance to experience Yoshimo's Yoga class at Bamboomoves. Many of the other people at the studio were surprised to see me there as a participant, rather than in the front teaching. I was so thrilled to be on my mat, and practicing with everybody as a student. There were over 35 people at Bamboomoves, our mats were lined up side by side, and the energy was incredible.

After the class, we had another treat of a Oneness blessing. In India, it is known as Deeksha or Diksha. Oneness is non-denominational, transfer of energy to raise levels of consciousness. As I have been spending more time in my own personal meditation and prayer, I felt as though this was such a timely experience. For me it was very similar to Reiki. I enjoyed the energy of the two oneness practitioners. The final treat of the day was the delicious Vegan Chocolate Cake that Michael bought to celebrate the people who completed the 21 days to health & wellness challenge. The cake was the yummiest!!! Congratulations to all of you who completed the challenge!!! ~Peace & Hugs, Ambria

For more information about Oneness visit : https://www.onenessnorthamerica.org/

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