Monday, September 28, 2009

Yogini beyond the mat

Today many people in NYC observed Yom Kippur, what is considered to be the Holiest Day of the year for the Jewish community. Growing up as a catholic with Indian parents, I was exposed to people from an array of ethnic and faith backgrounds, which helped me to adapt a more Yogic view of life. Embracing oneness, Satya (truthfulness) Ahimsa (Non Harming), and the fundamental principal that is a common thread in all walks of faith, which is LOVE.

Many of my private clients enjoy in guided meditation with me. Today, one of my private yoga clients invited me to participate in a Silent Meditation, that was part of the unlisted activities taking place where their Yom Kippur services were being held. I just want to write a note of thanks and appreciation. It is such a lovely gesture when someone wants to share their faith with another person. Our spirit and our faith is unique to our personal journey, and anytime we want to share and extend that love, it is truly a brilliant representation of unity for the world, and community within our own faith. Since, I spent most of the day in my yoga clothes teaching sessions, I did not get a chance to attend the meditation and did my own personal meditation for all those who were observing the special day. Sharing in community, sharing in positive energy, and extending invitations of kindness are the initial steps to peace in this world. Peace leads to Love. Love leads to Bliss. Thank you to my yogi in training for leading me to Bliss, I hope you had a lovely Yom Kippur. ~ Peace & Hugs, Ambria

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