Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bellydance @ The Peoples Lounge 2

Wednesday night, I had the pleasure to belly dance for the Bourbon Street festivities held at the Peoples Lounge. The show is hosted by the lovely Shelita Vaughns and her amazing band. It was a great night of music, DJ, and belly dance. It was tons of fun to belly dance for the show, and as always a brilliant form of creative expression. I had finished my day of 5 yoga sessions which began at 6:00 am, only to change into my belly dance outfit in the evening. I almost took a nap on one of the Peoples Lounge sofas, when I heard Shelita announce the song Seduction (which I dance for). I got up and snaked my body to the charming seductive sound of the music. Towards the end of the song, Shelita gave me a special shout out, only to be received by friendly screams and cheers! WOW, that was a great way to end an evening! Personally, I think every woman should take a belly dance class, at least once. Embracing our sensual side, and expressing our femininity in the form of dance is always refreshing, and the classes are usually fun.

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