Monday, October 26, 2009

Kids Yoga - Spontaneous Kindness

Over the weekend,
I was scheduled to teach two kids yoga classes.
Like many adult yoga classes,
kids yoga classes offer a variety of special benefits for the individual (fitness, relaxation, focus, etc). Both classes had young girls that have their own particular special needs which yoga helps them with. Somehow, because of scheduling both girls came at the same time, so I improvised and did the class together. The girls were a true delight. We did breathing exercises, sun salutations, ball passing, some yoga music inspired yogic movement (my tree song, mandala etc), a yoga adventure and finally they colored a mandala for relaxation. Both girls were encouraging to each other and added their own unique creativity. The younger of the two decided to bring a picnic basket on the "yoga adventure" to share imaginary snacks. Which was well appreciated. The other little girl decided to share how thankful she was for the snacks. It was truly lovely to see how spontaneous they both were with their kindness. While they were coloring there mandalas, I asked them what they were thankful for, and one of them said she was thankful that her new friend brought snacks on the adventure. Both said they were thankful for yoga and slowly rested their crayons aside to drift into a well deserved "SAVASANA". Kids have such a lovely perspective on life and yoga. ~ Namaste

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