Thursday, October 22, 2009

"Give Yourself Two Kisses"

Every yoga teacher has their own unique style when approaching the sequencing of the class. We all have our own music, cues, guided meditation, adjustments, metaphors and overall energy. Overtime, I have been developing my own signature "zoga yoga" style, that aims to increase vibration in people by incorporating music and metaphors related to nature and love, which are energies that resonate within us all. Often times at the end of a class, I have people hug their knees into their chest, and I say "give yourself two kisses". One reason is that it is important to love ourselves, and after an hour of sweating in my class everyone deserves a hug and a kiss. But the main reason is that it becomes a benchmark. By doing this stretch you will see how much your flexibility has improved. One of my private clients witnessed how she began with "flying kisses" to her knees and now she actually kiss her knees, and another student in my group class noticed the same improvement too. It seems so silly when you are laying on your back after an hour of yoga, meditation, and deep focus to all of a sudden kiss your knees, but like everything it has a purpose, and it's good to be silly sometimes. Finally, the universe is abundant, if you want to experience love, love yourself and love others, in turn you will experience go ahead and give yourself two kisses. ~ Peace & hugs, Ambria

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