Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bow Pose @ Bamboomoves

Saturday, I was feeling like my body needed to take a Yoga class. Most of the classes that I instruct, I usually demonstrate, but Saturday I wanted to be on my mat and completely surrender fully, into every pose, and every breath. Without the need to adjust anyone, or give cues being on the mat, fully immersed in the role of student allows every yogi the opportunity to truly surrender to the sound of the breath, and the movement of the asana (pose). Luckily, I was able to attend Andrew's (founder of Bamboomoves) 9:30 am Level 2 class. Andrew gives an amazing class that is both invigorating and fun. At one point in the class, he had us in Bow Pose (Dhanurasana), when he literally lifted me off the ground and had me swinging in the air, in bow pose. WOW! What fun!!! This was my first time flying in bow pose! It was also an adjustment I have yet to have given in a yoga class myself. The experience was brilliant!

Towards the end of class he had us go into Headstand (Sirsasana). Ever since my injury on my wrist early this year, I have been easy with my own personal inversion practice, almost adapting instinctual habits of someone who is healing an injury, and this moment in class was the awakening. Although Andrew was unaware of my personal injury hang-ups, he was aware that I am an instructor at the studio, so he was comfortable to adjust me. While up in headstand Andrew noticed how I was relying on the wall, the beautiful simple adjustment/demonstration of opening my hands out slightly helped me to lift my shoulders and provide better support in my headstand. When you are upside down and face to face with a personal hang up, literally, all you can do is face it "head on". This class helped me to go deeper in my twists, and deeper in myself. I left the class feeling great and ready to teach my Kids, Adult Level 1 & Pre Natal class later that afternoon at the studio. If you are looking for a nice Sweaty Level 2 yoga class, come to Bamboomoves. This comming Saturday, Andrew will be giving a wonderful workshop on level 2 foundations. For more information on the various classes available at the studio that has become like my second home, visit:
Bow Pose Art Sculpture can be found at NOVICA (National Geographic Online Store)

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