Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Floating on a Cloud - Integrated Body Work

Last week, I had the pleasure of receiving an amazing Body Work Session from Z, at The Cloud. I had met Z earlier this year and enjoyed her energy. Since I have been a yoga instructor and body worker, I make a conscious effort to take classes and have body work treatments for myself. It is important for those of us who are in "giver" type professions to "receive", and it also helps us to learn by experiencing. Z was amazed at how many kinks and knots I had in my back and neck area, and said "It's nice to know that yoga teachers are human too". Based on my knots, yoga instructors are human too. With tranquil music playing, Z worked out my muscle kinks. Just like my last visit, Z and I enjoyed with some wonderful conversation, catching up, and laughter. Sometimes in life we get so caught up in the day to day whirlwind, we miss out on the chance to engage in a little conversation to share and spread joy. It is up to us to uplift each other, to make our short journeys enjoyable. The Cloud provides a relaxing atmosphere, with wonderful body work. It is important to release the fascia with daily body work, especially for trainers, yoga instructors, and really anyone who can accumulate tightness in the body, so I recommend the Cloud. I look forward to joining the team there soon to provide some signature Zoga Yoga Integrated Body Work, that is designed to release the fascia, undo the knots, and rejuvenate the soul: with deep tranquil strokes, ayurvedic chakra awakening, shiatsu pressure points and gentle reiki. Thanks Z for helping restore my body. ~ Peace & Hugs, Ambria

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