Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kids Halloween Yoga @ Bamboomoves, BX

Happy Halloween! Today at Bamboomoves the kids came dressed in Halloween costumes and ready for Yoga. I dressed up as the Tin Girl from The Wizard of Oz (homemade costume, spray paint is the best!!!). To make it extra spooky we had the room dimly lit with candles. We began with some spooky breathing exercises. Then, we did some stretches, sun salutations, scary tree poses, we became yoga bats, and did our down dog/wolf tunnel. Kids lined up in a row in Downward Dog pose, only since it was Halloween, we were Downward Wolves instead. They howled to the moon, while one by one, they took turns to slide through the tunnel. Every week we have a new adventure and stretch in Yoga poses. It is such a treat to teach these Kids every week. Tonight, Bamboomoves, BX is having the Halloween Party, from 9-12 pm, so come dance, enjoy, and dress in your costume. The staff will all be a character from the Wizard of Oz. Have a Happy Peaceful Halloween! ~ Peace & Hugs, Ambria

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