Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Heart Meridian - Ohashi Institute

Tuesday afternoon is my chance to learn and luxuriate at the Ohashiatsu Institute. We spend 3 hours a week learning the various meridians of the body, and practice our Ohashiatsu Body Work techniques. My teacher is Millie, who is fantastic. Millie introduced us to the Heart & Small Intestine Meridians. We learned how to give a session for the two meridians, recognize the Hara diagnosis, stretch the body and the amazing connections to the elements. This week class seemed like it went by in a flash. Millie had us laughing, learning and stretching. It is such a relaxing class! Every week in class I notice how the Chinese Medicine (specifically meridian) system is so similar to the Indian Ayurveda (Nadi Lines and marma points) system. Learning to explore the subtle body is an area that fascinates me. It is amazing how these ancient techniques for analyzing, diagnosing, and treating energetic patterns in the body are so helpful to everyone. Thanks Millie for teaching a great class! ~ Peace & hugs

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