Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Belly Dance @ Shamballah Gathering in NYC

Saturday and Sunday are my busiest days of Yoga Instruction, so my weekend has actually become Thursday & Friday. However, on Sunday after my last Yoga class I had the pleasure to Belly Dance for the Shamballah Gathering in NYC. This was my first ever experience at Shamballah, and the first gathering in NYC. It is a gathering of people to join in peace, love and harmony. It is a non judgemental gathering designed to increase the vibration of the group through music, dance, art, meditation, fun and love for all living beings. I made my first origami crane. We all shared in yummy food, and contributed to an art mural. The room was decorated with lovely, vivid pastel colored fabrics. Myself and my friend Shinji gave some Shiatsu Body Work sessions, another girl was offering a reiki type awakening session, and lovely relaxing music echoed in the air. After I did my belly dance, I asked the group to form a circle and taught them some shimmy's, hip lifts/drops, side steps, shoulder shimmy's and more. We had fun and everyone danced and enjoyed. The event concluded with a peaceful guided meditation, where myself and Maria (Yoko) did some light dancing to increase the vibration of the group. Belly dance definitely awakens the root chakra and increases the vibrational flow in the body. Many of the people in attendance are Reiki practitioners, Body Workers, and people in the healing arts. Thanks for having me, and hope to enjoy with you again. ~ Peace & hugs, Ambria

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