Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Chakras - "How's Your Manipura?"

Often times during both private & group sessions, I introduce people to the Chakras. These subtle body connections help deepen the yoga practice. The Manipura Chakra (the city of jewels, 3rd chakra) also called the solar plexus is related to will power, sense of sensual self, and sense of intuition related to self. This chakra is located around the navel.

Early on with one of my private clients, I introduced the chakra system with specific attention on Manipura. After a break from chakra work, ironically, I suggested we work on the chakras again and said "How do you feel about your Manipura?". She somehow translated it into "How do you feel about your money or poorer?" and responded, "Oh I'm doing good thanks" for a minute we both had a puzzled expression, carefully figured out the miscommunication, laughed hysterically, and to this day whenever we work on the Chakras, our little joke about Manipura comes up.

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