Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Yogi Beans New Tunes

Yogi Beans is another Kids Yoga experience that I am happy to be apart of. Kids get to stretch, learn yoga poses, work on breathing exercises, sing, do meditation, relax and most importantly HAVE FUN!!! I am so happy that Yogi Beans has got some New Tunes!!!! While I think music is so wonderful to add to a Yoga class for any age, I am so thrilled to be using the new Yogi Beans music. For a few weeks I had been using my own original Kids Yoga Music in YB classes which the kids loved, but now I am so happy to share the new Yogi Beans music in the classes too! So far all age groups have been digging the tunes. Hip Hip Horray for Yoga & Music!!! If you are interested in learning more about the Kids Yoga Experience with Yogi Beans visit www.yogibeans.com

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