Saturday, November 7, 2009

Tour of Philadelphia with Karma Road Director

When most of NYC was celebrating the World Series win for the Yankees, I was in Philadelphia meeting with the Director of Karma Road. Karma Road is a brilliant film by up & coming Director, Mihir Pathak. I have been given the honor to not only have a small role in the film but also to do the musical score. Unfortunately, when I arrived in Philadelphia, there was a minor set back, so instead I enjoyed a mini tour of the city. Since my days have been full with yoga sessions, shiatsu, music and commuting, I loved enjoyed having the day off. I saw the famous Philadelphia Museum where the film Rocky was shot, and I ran up the steps like the Universal Tourist that I am. It was lots of fun. Thanks Mihir for the tour of your lovely city!
(Pictured: myself & Mihir, The Rocky Run, The Rocky Win)

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