Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yoga for Smokers

It is my belief that yoga is beneficial to all people, regardless of age, gender, race etc. It is a mind, body, spirit connection. Often times this world offers many tempting things that create a disconnect within us, which may come in the form of toxic bad habits, toxic addictions, toxic relationships etc. Why yoga is beneficial for smokers is easy, it is because of the breath. The primary aspect of yoga is the breath/pranayama, and smokers get into the habit of inhaling long breaths, which calms their nervous system. Most smokers when they begin smoking it is because that deep breathing pattern relaxes them, it is not because the smell of a burning cigarette down the throat is relaxing. I have never been a smoker myself, but one of my clients is a testament to yoga being an amazing substitute to kick the habit of smoking. So if you want to encourage your friends to kick the toxic habit of smoking, introduce them to Yoga, but leave the cigarette pack outside of the classroom. It is a great way to replace a negative, toxic habit with a positive healthy habit. Deep breathing does a body good!
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