Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving @ Bamboomoves

Thanksgiving came early at Bamboomoves. This past Sunday, Bamboo had an amazing Thanksgiving party. The menu was pot luck Vegan Yumminess!!! There was so much food that we had left over. While I was suffering with the sniffles, I came for a short while to introduce my friend and talented Indian Flute (Bansuri) player, Eric Fraser. A few people noticed how I had been standing at a distance, and this was unusual, so I signaled to them and whispered with my new found sultry phlegm voice that I have a little cold. The evening began with a packed studio, and the certificates being awarded to the Brave new group of ladies that completed the 21 day health & wellness challenge. These ladies lost weight, look amazing and most importantly feel amazing! We progressed the night with a lovely meditation, and spontaneous sharing of thankfullness, followed by the yummy food, the brilliant bansuri sounds of Eric Fraser and finally a rockin Kirtan. Eric wound up joining the Kirtan to jam. It was a great night, and wonderful to see a family friendly vibe in a growing yoga community! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Pictured on Bottom (Eric Fraser )
Pictured on Top (Kirtan and Eric Fraser)

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