Saturday, November 7, 2009

My Brilliant Lena - Kids Yoga

Last Sunday was a tearful goodbye to my lovely Lena. Lena has been working on Yoga with me through Yogi Beans for quite a while now. Her warm spirit, enthusiasm, genuine kindness to fellow classmates and love for yoga has inspired my personal practice. From the time I met Lena, she has always had a way of saying the most profound wise statements. Even her observations of her surroundings have always been wise beyond her years. Every week, I watched as she would dive into yoga poses with ease and joy. While I have enjoyed working with this wonder kid, due to scheduling, she is now in another class. I know that she will be awe inspiring to her new group, and I can only hope that we will practice yoga together again in the future. It is amazing how we build bonds within a yoga class. At the end of class, Lena wiped away tears and said she wished she could stay in my class, I was moved deeply and wish the same, but understand that sometimes we have to make adjustments for scheduling purposes. In the words of Lena, "I will treasure my yoga classes with her forever". ~ Peace & hugs, Ambria

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