Monday, February 7, 2011

Awesome Inversion Workshop with Dice and Bri

This weekend was full and amazing! Friday night at Bamboomoves we were blessed to have Dice and Bri (the dynamic duo) fly in from California to teach an inversion workshop. These two are awesome yogis with such a brilliant practice to watch. The studio was filled with people eager to learn the joy of flight. Dice and Bri had students warm up with a flow, and incrementally introduced various arm balances. It was awesome. The best was watching Yoshio just float up with his amazing yoga practice. I was also so proud to watch some of my students approach and do arm balances like crow, handstand, scorpion, forearm stand and other poses with such joy and ease. Dice and Bri have such an amazing way of co teaching a class. They both demonstrate poses with incredible anatomical awareness, and assist students in a lovely compassionate way. For some reason, I am uninterested in doing a handstand against the wall, but if someone stands behind to catch my legs, I will hop up. So I attempted to recruit a student to be my catcher, and I wasn't kicking high enough. I guess Dice saw how I wanted to be upside down, so he talked me through it, and I was on my hands. Thank you Dice for catching my legs. Both Dice and Bri have inspired me to be a "handstander". For a long time I had fear hang ups about re-injuring old injuries in my wrist, back etc......but that is so silly.....fear is silly. This year I want to be a handstander. I myself had overworked my body the day before, and was literally shaking and nauseous, but I still participated in the workshop as best as I could. When I went to do my crow, my arms were vibrating, and my knee left a nasty bruise on the backside of my arm. Three days later, the bruise is still there. The lesson I learned this last week, was to slow down a bit. While it is awesome to take a lot of classes, it is awesome to rest as well. Thank you Dice and Bri for being such an incredible inspiration to the students of Bamboomoves!

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