Monday, February 21, 2011

TAO came to Bamboomoves in the Bronx

The amazing Tao came to Bamboomoves in the Bronx this Sunday. Tao is a 92 years young yogini that touches the hearts of every person she encounters. The first day I mentioned her workshop, our sign up list filled up, leaving many people on the wait list. As always, Tao was brilliant! She is a total inspiration to any and every human being. She personifies the essence of Yoga in every word she says, every posture she demonstrates, and her joyful smile. There are not enough words to describe this amazing lady. Originally, from Pondicherry India, Tao studied Yoga with many of the great Yogis in India, walked side by side with Gandhi at 19, and was the first person to create a Teacher Training program in NY. The students were led in an amazing class, while various members of the press filmed and took notes. Many people think that Yoga would not work in the Bronx, however, studio owner Michael Baez, made sure to dispel the myth by creating a lovely space for people to deepen their mind-body-spirit practice. Members at Bamboomoves have embraced the yoga practice so much that we are on our second batch of eager Yoga Teacher Trainees. This workshop was part of their Teacher Training experience, and they were truly blessed to study from an authentic Yogi like Tao. Along with Yoga, Tao does ballroom dance, and she is amazing at both. We look forward to having her back in the Spring, so if you missed it, be sure to stay on the website and sign up quick. It truly is a blessing to take a class with Tao. Thank you Tao for enlightening & inspiring the students at Bamboomoves, thank you students for being receptive to the practice, and thank you members of the press (Channel 12, Bronx Net, and Bharati) for bringing awareness to the massive health and wellness movement that is happening in the Bronx, and thank you Milta for snapping some awesome pictures for the blog post. ~ Om Shanti

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  1. What a lovely woman, lovely class,lovely photos. I had to respectfully bow out of the photo but hope to get one with her at the next workshop.