Saturday, February 19, 2011

Day Two of Yoga Teacher Training - Like a Virgin

Day two of Yoga Teacher Training began at 7:45 am. Trainees came ready to learn and deepen their practice. With three previous Teacher Trainees who are now Certified Yoga Teachers, the energy was awesome. Maritza came in for morale support of her lovely sister, Denise came in to lead the Bows, and Ricky came in to join and lead the bows. It was really beautiful. Our current 8 candidates learned the concept and act of Bows, which is specific to Bamboomoves Teacher Training. After the 100 bows, we progressed into pranyama, chanting, Level 2 class, more pranayama, break down of sequencing, Level 1 class, lecture on the importance of a healthy diet, abiding by Ahimsa, and watching the Film "Meet Your Meat", finally ZOGALATIES! Their bodies were sore after the bows, so when it came time to our packed class of Zogalaties, it was amazing. We were still in 80's week, so I changed into my Madonna shirt, and instructed the sweat fest! Lots of laughs, sweat, singing a long to the 80's music...but the absolute best part ever was when they were in HAPPY BABY pose, and the song was "Like a Virgin" (of course), and they all sang along!!! The power of good cues as an instructor has never before been as amazing as that moment!!! I wish I had a video camera to capture the volume and soul behind nearly 20 people belting out "Like A Virgin" while in Happy Baby Pose! Amazing!!! Is there any song more appropriate for that pose? Amazing Day for our budding yogis, and our Bronx Yoga Studio. We are looking forward to seeing Tao tomorrow for her workshop!

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