Monday, February 7, 2011

Surprise Happy Birthday......again!!!

At Bamboomoves after teaching my 12 noon Yoga class, in walks the owner of the studio, Michael, saying he wants to play a special mantra for us. Michael is usually on some kind of a positive energy kick, so I just went with it. The students in class looked amused and confused as Michael set up his IPod with excitement. He began to play what sounded like a Stevie Wonder song. I recognized the song right away, and started to giggle and feel a little embarassed for Michael, thinking, Oh my goodness he totally put on the wrong song ha ha ha! but...some of my amazing students walked in with balloons, an amazing Vegan Chocolate cake and gifts for me!!! WOW!!! Surprise Belated Birthday Party for me!!! What an amazing experience! The love at Bamboomoves is more than any other studio I have ever encountered. Thank you to all the students who secretly planned this lovely party for me, went to Queens to get the most awesome Vegan Chocolate cake, had special Vegan Pizza made, and showed up with so much genuine love and kindness! This Birthday party ROCKED! It truly was a surprise, since my birthday was actually January 26! The snow storm allowed me to have my personal favorite "low key" birthday celebration of my own, and the February forecast allowed my loving studio to have an awesome party!!! I guess we will just celebrate my birthday every month!! Also, mad respect goes to the students who ate a ton of food with me, and still took Zogalaties at 4pm! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME! I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to have learned from all of you, received your love and kindness and grown in my own yoga practice with you, thank you! I love you all so much!

Thank you Michael, Carolann, Joy, Denise, Sandi, Martha, Margie, Doris, Amber, Mary, Deanna, and everyone who made such a beautiful experience for me

Pictures: Amber, Denise, Mary, Ambria, Martha, Sandi, Carolann, Pic 2, Vegan Grandmas Piazza YUMM, Pic 3, Carolann and Ambria, Pic 4, Ambria getting floating away with the beautiful balloons!

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