Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yoga with Yoshio

One of my favorite teachers to practice yoga with is Yoshio. From my very first class with Yoshio I was amazed at his mastery of the Yoga practice and his humble generous spirit. He leads a challenging class with nurturing adjustments that facilitate the deepest experience for your mind-body and spirit. He is a Dharma Yogi, and an amazing human being. Last year, I was sadly unable to take classes with Yoshio, as his classes were scheduled at times when I was teaching my own classes. Sometimes, I would see Yoshio and his beautiful wife, when I had the opportunity to take Master Class at Dharma Mittra's studio, and myself and many other yoga enthusiasts would be in awe of Yoshios practice. Just when you think you have done an advanced variation of a pose, Yoshio will show you a deeper variation, WITH EASE. Key words in that statement, is WITH EASE, unlike many people who push and pull into poses, Yoshio shows people how prana connection is done right. Floating from crow to handstand, to crow to handstand, to headstand to anything really, he does it all! If you want to witness a teacher who flows through poses, with grace, strength, brilliance, humility, excellence, and reverence for the Supreme force of love in the Universe, you want to take class with Yoshio. This same brilliance that Yoshio has in his own personal practice is always present in his yoga classes. This friday, I took the opportunity to take Yoshio's class alongside my students at Bamboomoves. Yoshio led us through a brilliant dynamic Yoga class with an energy that only a Dharma Yogi can bring, an energy challenges your body and inspires reverance for God. While in class, my body was incredibly sore from taking a few too many classes this week, along with my own practice and teaching, Yoshio still adjusted me deeper into poses and abolished any sense of fear, or awareness of soreness that I entered the class with. I felt so much amazing towards the end of class. This is the kind of trust that an excellent yoga teacher creates with their student. I am so grateful to take class with a teacher like Yoshio, he is an inspiration for all yoga instructors and students in so many ways. If you have a question regarding your practice, Yoshio's response is guaranteed to be compassionate and wise. While I always write about my experiences on my journey, and have highlighted some of my favorite teachers in past articles about Dharma Mittra, and Isaac Pena, Yoshio is also one of my favorite teachers, and I recommend everyone to take at least one class with this brilliant Yoga Master. As a yoga instructor it is important to maintain the heart of a student, and when you find a teacher that creates an amazing class experience you always want to have your mat rolled out in their class, Yoshio is that amazing teacher! He teaches two evening classes every Friday at Bamboomoves,BX. Thank you Yoshio for always providing an amazing Yoga experience!

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