Monday, February 14, 2011

Jamaican Inspired Zogalaties class

This past week, in honor of our lovely Kick box teacher, Leon....Zogalaties had a Jamaican inspired class. This week was Leon's birthday, he is Jamaican, I love Reggae and Dancehall music, and theme classes are fun.....especially when the class is a guaranteed sweat fest like Zogalaties. I took the opportunity to dress in Jamaican attire, and other students were encouraged to dress in shades of green, yellow, and black. I will admit I may have been a little over the top, but since my right toe was recently fractured, I wanted to play full out in every other way. I did not let my toe keep me from participating in the sweat fest though, plank pose on one foot, chutturunga, and core work were in my practice YEAAAA!!!.....We went through our amazing class and felt the riddum of the music. Periodically through past classes, especially after the burning exercises, I like to ask everyone "how are we doing?" the encouraged responses in the past have been a unanimous "oustanding", "awesome", and "sexy"!!! Since it was Jamaican theme, I asked "Wha Guan?" like saying "what's goin on?" and students responded enthusiastically "Irie Mon!". It was like we all went to the beautiful Island of Jamaica. When it came time to the favorite part of class "cherry pickers", one student said, "Cherries don't grow in Jamaica".....luckily we had a beautiful authentic Jamaican lady in the class, who confirmed, yes in fact they do grow in Jamaica. Thank you Paula! I LOVED IT!!! We not only picked Cherries, we picked Jamaican Cherries!!! When we did our melon twists, we were using Jackfruits. When we did our wall squats were some students joined me in a little dutty wine. Zogalaties, is fun, sweaty, challenging workout, awesome music, themes and you learn about another culture!!! WOW!!! This week will be 80's music week!

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