Monday, February 14, 2011

Day One of Teacher Training at Bamboomoves BX

Day one of Yoga Teacher Training in Pellham Bay, BX. An amazing group of aspiring yogis gathered together tonight to start their journey on deepening their practice. With my lovely student Denise (recent Bamboomoves Warrior Teacher Graduate) at my side, the students all explored the subtle body with a guided chakra meditation journey. They shared their reasons to join the teacher training which went from deepening their practice, deepening the knowledge of yoga, to gain patience, to become healthier, to overcome stress, to help students in schools, to help co-workers, to teach yoga and to learn more. They were introduced to the chant that they will be singing "Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevya" (loosely translated as supreme invocation, surrendering to aspire towards the divine light, the Light of Lord Krishna, son of Vasu), this chant is often used to celebrate the energy of the divine. When I was meditating early in the day, this was the chant that came to me for this particular group. This chant chose them. For the purpose of our training, we are celebrating the energy of divine mother. The previous Yoga teacher training group had used "Shiva Shambo" as their chant, and since Parvati was Lord Shiva's first yoga student, we are honoring the divine mother, and celebrating our own mothers. Everyone of the participants has a unique relationship, some strong, some broken, some lost, some grieving so healing this will be part of their yoga journey. For me personally, I shared with them how the loss of my own beloved mother was what brought me back to the yoga mat. She was the first person who introduced me to yoga, my best friend in the world, and my queen. When I lost her, I spent many days literally weeping on my yoga mat, until my mind, body and spirit found healing and found God, which is why to this day my every experience on the yoga mat is an offering and prayer. The guided meditation, the chant and the overall energy of the room brought out many tears in all the trainees, which symbolize the beginning of a powerful experience. Trainees then joined the regular 7:45pm Level 2 yoga class which was a sweaty, lovely class. I am so thankful and happy to be part of this amazing journey with all of you. Margie, Amber, Jessica, Latesha, Nicole, Armondo, Carolann, and Stephanie, welcome to the beginning of an amazing experience~ Om Shanti

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