Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 14 - Meditation with Sacred Geometry and The Flower of Life

Today we have the option to meditate with the Flower of life, also known as Sacred Geometry.  This entire planet is made up of Sacred Geometry.  Separation is the illusion, understanding the duality of pain and pleasure, as one united divine blueprint is when we are one, and is achieved with consistent meditation.  Similar to saying we are made in the image of God, the creator, or the source.

Imagine the expansion of consciousness from the center of your heart with every breath, and allow yourself to see the flower of life opening through this expansion.  Now let this Flower of Life expand beyond your heart into your auric field, in your surrounding, in the planet.  Breathe deeply and allow the activation of this sacred geometry to create a cosmic oneness with the entire universe.  Understand that you are in this flower of life, it is in every cell, and it is in infinity.  Know this Flower of Life is a divine creation, in all things as particle physics; it is abundance, joy, love, peace, harmony and the source of Divine Guidance. 

The Flower of Life is formed through energy vortexes that replicate through all forms in nature.  If it helps use the diagram to create the visual projection, allow each sphere to represent the Divine energy that inspires you, allow each breath to increase your faith, and let the Flower of Life expand with each sphere/breath.


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