Friday, June 21, 2013

Dreams of Ashrams, Goddess, and being a Renunciate

Lately I am noticing so many people talking to me about deep insecurity related to their physical appearance.  These people are often times women.  While we live in a world that places much emphasis on a woman's exterior beauty, are we forgetting the inside beauty?

Physical attraction is very important for human connection sometimes, it sparks sexual energy, awakens the second chakra and that is when we find what is commonly referred to as "chemistry".  With indepth study of chakras we soon find out this "chemistry" the kind that lasts, is more than exterior beauty, but rather energy.

In my view women are all Goddesses, regardless of shape, size, color, hair, etc., women are created as Goddess.  In India Goddess is respected highly, Mother is our first guru, in yoga we understand Kundalini rising is the feminin dormant serpant, the creative and passionate Shakti.  While in India and many parts of the world there is the sad reality of crimes against women or chauvanism, we are evolving.

When i notice the spread of female Yogis, and female energy that is saturating media, I only pray and hope that we as a planet always maintain our respect for women.  Also while many women are embracing the feminist movement, always remember it is a beautiful thing to embrace the simple beauty that is in our intrinsic female nature, the allure of our curves, the nurturing aspect of our heart, the intuitive aspect of our mind, the blessing to be able to bring life into the world, and much more.

So while all this has been on my mind, and lately I am inspired to go back to India and spend some time in an ashram, I had a dream.  In the dream I was loving being in the ashram, practicing yoga, meditating, doing karma yoga, etc.  One night while I was asleep some women decided to shave my head.  Sadly this could actually happen because I am a deep sleeper.  When I woke up I noticed my neck felt different and head felt cool, soon enough I realized my hair was all gone.  When I entered the ashram to practice, everyone was shocked and most thought I shaved my head myself.

Somehow there was drama created around the situation and I explained to the director that I did not in fact shave my head, it was done to me.  We had a big meeting, and when no one came forward to admit to doing this,  I stood in front and said, while you may think an Indian woman's beauty is in their voluminous hair, or alluring eyes, the curve of her hips, actually the beauty of an Indian woman and beauty of every woman is in her heart.  I am thankful for this new look, because now I do not have to tie my hair back during practice, my headstand is a different experience, and I feel less heat.  The Swamis did not really know what to say, and it was almost as though time stood still.  The very next day every woman in the ashram came to practice with a shaved head.  It was amazing!  It was like "Mean Girls" the film meets Ashram Life.

I am sharing this dream and post because I see how media is putting emphasis on the exterior beauty of a woman, or exploiting women sexually, or adapting feminism to an extreme.  Could this be why we have so many beauty products, surgeries, and insecure young girls?  While men love a beautiful face and body, they also love a woman who can cook, and a woman who does not give all the goods away for free, so ladies lets embrace this aspect of feminism too.  It is up to every woman to encourage eachother, love each other, support each other.  Much of the jealousy, gossip, and judging comes from the unrealistic images that create a sense of lack in the individual which then seeps into the mass public.

Challenge yourself to be stronger, embracing the Goddess within, and celebrating another Goddess.  Be kind to yourself if you are a woman.  Celebrate every curve, freckle, wrinkle, dimple etc., and say 5 things that celebrate your beauty in the mirror.  Then celebrate the beauty of another woman, and finally celebrate the beauty of a woman who you normally choose to have ill feeling toward.  When we make these subtle changes, it will create a tidal wave of change for the world.

Now having shared this beautiful dream I still do hope to stay in the Ashram later this year, but no plans to shave my head.

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