Monday, June 17, 2013

Day 25 - Meditation Apps

Today is day 25, and while most of you have embraced the meditation challenge with your own preference of meditation practice, there are still many people who claim they cannot.  I have had so many people tell me they don't have time, they are too stressed, they have too many things to do.  Well for everything in life we must make time, stress is sometimes a choice because our energy goes where our attention flows, and 5 minutes is something EVERYONE has.  Most times these individuals are stuck on their iphones, droids, and other gadgets.  While many would say that they are losing connection with human beings, nature but most importantly, themselves, perhaps there is a download that can rescue them.  Nowadays Iphones and mobiles come with meditation and yoga "apps".  There are actually meditation apps with timers.  I myself had a Tibetan Bowl app on my iphone, where I could set the timer and it would ring the bowl when time was done.  I found this great, because sometimes when you get in a flow in meditation you can get carried away and lose track of time.  One minute can become one hour quick with practice.

While I encourage you to turn off the mobiles, get off the social media, and find a sacred place to meditate, for those who insist they cannot, at least use an app and meditate.  Give yourself 5 minutes to start, and sit in bliss.  Turn off all other notifications on your phone, and focus on your breath, or listen to the guided cues.  Make time for your mind, body, health.

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