Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day 9 - Crystal Meditation

While we all have our own methods to approach this amazing practice of Yoga and Meditation, all paths lead to the same destination, inner peace.  For us to achieve inner peace we need to be able to quiet the noise, but part of quieting the noise/drama or constant memories/pattern behavior that seem to creep up or repeat, we need to understand it, heal and become one with it.  The reason why I encourage people to approach their practice without judgement is because in yoga we are called to be compassionate, that compassion must begin with ourselves.

Rose Quartz - Great for Heart Chakra

Green Calcite - Great for Heart Chakra

Apothyllite and stillbite - Great for 3rd Eye Chakra

For today we are using an external aspect of earth to deepen our meditation experience.  We are using crystals.  Crystals are rock formations that are repeated patterns of molecules that form a solid.  There are a wide variety of crystals, and all have their own unique properties.  Often times people will use Crystals in meditation.  Sometimes you can use crystals based on it's color to coincide with the correlating chakra.  Some chakras are calming (Calcite), some are energizing (Jasper, Quartz).  You can place the crystals on various energy points in the body and see if you can connect with the energy of the stones.  While the study of crystals is amazing, and options are endless, after become certified as a Crystal Healer, I recommend reading up on the power of these beautiful gems and also seeing if you can connect with the stones themselves. 

In ancient India, most yogis would wear certain crystals for the energy, in ancient egypt and greece they would do the same. 

Various Options with Crystal Meditation:
  1. While seated in your meditation place the crystal in your left hand, breathe and witness
  2. Lay the crystals out along with your chakras or with guidance of a Crystal Healer to energize or calm the body
  3. Place some crystals on your alter, or around your sacred space.
  4. Using a Crystal Singing Bowl (for those who have this option it is amazing)

Options of Crystals for beginners:
  1. Amethyst is always great for calming and 3rd eye.
  2. Calcites bring a calm energy, I have had headaches vanish with calcite placed on my forehead
  3. Flourite is also a nice soft calming stone.

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