Monday, June 10, 2013

Day 18 - Meditation with Nature

 Today's option for meditation may depend on the local weather as it involves nature. 
This practice allows you to connect with your natural surroundings.  This experience should ultimately allow you to awaken the intelligence of connection with nature, and also understand our basic physiology.  The warmth of the glowing sun, the sight of a beautiful flower, the sounds of chirping birds, the feel of a soft breeze, the smell of morning dew, the vibration of the wind in the trees are all aspects of nature that resonate with our entire being. 

When I was a child, my grandmother would often sit outside and sing spiritual songs, birds would flock to her, it always seemed as though time stood still when she did this.  The flowers appeared more radiant, the air seemed more still, she was connecting.

While some of you may have the advantage of living by a gorgeous beach, lake, mountain top, park, then utilize this precious gift, and go meditate in nature.  You can spend some time walking around and appreciating the beauty of nature that often times gets taken for granted.  You can find a place to set your sacred space and meditate.  Sitting tall, comfortable, and notice the breeze that you inhale from the tip of your nose.  Can you imagine you are breathing through ever pore of your skin every sounds, sight, feeling and vibrational aspect of the landscape that surrounds you, and take in the various radiant aspects of mother nature. 

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