Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Beauty Fix @ CeleBritAy, Williamsburg BK

So I am back from my lovely weekend getaway and decided to pamper myself. It is no secret that I am a label detective. I read all the labels of foods, vitamins and especially beauty products. Beyond reading the labels, I further investigate the chemical components of the ingredients and contraindications they may have. After realizing that many popular brands have harsh chemicals and cancer causing preservatives, for some time I was making my own concoctions for personal beauty products.

After leaving the Yoga studio where I teach in BK, I came across CeleBritAy. This beautiful store tucked away on Grand Street houses one of NY's rare gems, Elizabeth Santiago and her amazing products. Liz makes natural, vegan beauty products. These products have ingredients that nourish the skin and provide a radiant glow. She took the time to have a consultation with me, educate me better on skin care and walk me through the proper use of each product. Since I have already researched herbs and ayurveda, I was impressed with her knowledge, her product ingredients and honest labeling.

While we live in a world where the best selling beauty products are endorsed by famous celebrities who don't really use the products, filled with 75% harsh chemicals that overtime hurt our skin, and often times falsely label the product ingredients, it is refreshing to come across someone like Liz and an amazing product line like CeleBritAy. The best endorsement for her product is her glowing skin. If you are curious about a better skin care routine for yourself or a loved one, venture out to CeleBritAy and just look at Liz's skin. She has a radiant, clear, youthful look and has been using her natural products for over a decade. For more information on this amazing lady and her products visit: www.celebritayny.com

While a good product is important for skin care, please be advised that we also should keep healthy food choices, and maintain a positive mental state. So eat your veggies & fruits and do some Yoga. Peace & hugs ~ Ambria

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