Thursday, July 16, 2009

Treasure Yoga with Autistic Spectrum Disorder Kids

I have enjoyed working with an inspirational young girl named Lena. This young lady was introduced to Yoga with some DVD's and came to me in a Yogi Beans class for further instruction. While I was told that she is ASD (autistic spectrum disorder), I knew that each individual child is unique and approached the situation without any judgement. Our first class was a private session. This young lady knew the poses like a pro! We played games like Yoga Adventure, Toga, and more. Her energy was absolutely fantastic. After class her mom mentioned that she loved the pace of the class but will be going away for the remainder of the summer. I was sad to not work with her again till the fall.

Because of Lena's enthusiasm about Yoga, her mom decided to sign her up in a group class I teach on Saturdays before they left for vacation. This young lady again impressed me. She introduced me to a new pranayama (breathing) technique and worked so great with the rest of the kids. At the end of class I gave the kids little word cards. The kids read the word on the card, and tell the group what that word means to them, and how it relates to Yoga. One sweet little girl had the word treasure, and with ear to ear grins she said she loved this word. She began to list jewels, crowns, coins and all the most beautiful items of treasure that she would love to have. My lovely student Lena said (and I quote) "it can also mean a special memory that you will treasure forever in your heart". She then said how she will always treasure her yoga class. WOW!!! Teaching this wise little girl is a memory I will treasure forever.

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