Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth

Once upon a time I lived in a gorgeous apartment in Inwood across from the water, had lush trees all around, and a lovely roomate. My current living situation is maybe not as amazing, however I love it. For me all I am currently lacking is a view of the water to practice Yoga at and a funny, handy, interior design driven roommate who sings and raps in Spanish. A friend of mine who is experiencing the obvious challenges of the NYC cost of living asked me where I think is the best place to live? While the best place on earth to live is also a matter of opinion. Some wealthy people may say Cook Islands, Caymans, or various regions of Europe. I am aware that to raise a family there are many benefits to live in Canada and also for an amazing tropical peaceful place my obvious choice would be India. Tax wise Texas, Florida and Nevada are always good choices. In the NYC area Rye, Pelham, areas of Scarsdale (if it is in your budget are all nice) and some parts of Connecticut. However, in the end the Happiest and Best place to live is wherever you are. Within your own heart you need to find contentment, within your own situation, your own skin, work environment etc. This is ultimately our journey to enjoy it to the fullest. While there are many challenges from external sources like government, personal, work, financial, health, and more, it is up to us to find happiness and seek the peace that lives within. My final answer to my friend, the happiest place is in your heart. That being said, I am off to Canada for a week of fun with the family!

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